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I have always loved a personalized item and have always ordered custom cups. It all started for me in Austin, while living the life as a young sorority girl at The University of Texas. We always had to stop for a "roadie" drink from the local convenience store on the way to study hall. Some of you might remember those perfect styrofoam cups with the perfect crushed ice. Those drinks stayed fresh and didn't sweat!

It is many years later now, but I still need that perfect cup. However, there is no reason my drinkware shouldn't be a little more fun. It might not be study hall, but carpool, soccer games, 40th (or are we closer to 50th) birthday parties offer great opportunities for custom drinkware. Any time is great for a little personalization and a little fun! xoxo Heather

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To encourage sparkling conversations.


I don't know, I have had my share of drinks though!


Laissez faire bon temps rouler. As we say in Louisiana, "Let the good times roll."


Don't bring the same old hostess gift, bring them something fun- custom drinkware from maven gift designs!

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